Cameron Scadding

Managing Director, Source Certain International


Cameron is a Forensic and Analytical Chemist and a globally recognised expert in his discipline. He has specific experience and expertise in supply chain integrity, security and managing supply chain risks and is recognised as a thought leader on trends in food, the integrity of food, food fraud, transparency, trust, traceability and provenance.

Cameron founded Source Certain International in 2014. Source Certain International is a global supply chain integrity service provider with a focus on real provenance verification. Currently Source Certain delivers these services to globally recognised brands (e.g. Australian Prawns and Australian Barramundi), retailers, regulators, law enforcement organisations and companies.

In addition to his role as Managing Director of Source Certain, Cameron is a founder and the CEO of TSW Analytical Pty Ltd and TSW Global; a Perth based scientific investigation, forensic and analytical service and technology company that has been operating since 2006. Cameron previously held senior research positions in academia and industry.


Cameron’s supply chain and forensic skill set has made him a sought after advisor and thought leader in the emerging global cannabis industry. Source Certain works with cannabis clients ranging from cultivators, processors, cannabinoid pharmaceutical companies and governments internationally.

Precious Minerals

As a forensic practitioner Cameron has worked extensively on complex investigations involving precious metals, conflict metals and diamond supply chains. These investigations have often been global or cross jurisdictional. These investigations have made Cameron a sought after resource in understanding the use of supply chains for organized criminal activity and how forensic technology can assist.

Creating Sustainable and Responsible Value Chains
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