AusCann is an Australian Pharmaceutical company bringing together leading expertise and operations across all aspects of the medicinal cannabis value chain, beginning with cultivation and production, through to manufacture and sale of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals.  Our aim is to produce and provide high quality, economical and clinically validated cannabinoid medicines to patients.

We have built a strong team of experts and partners with international connections and the right expertise across all aspects of the medicinal cannabis value chain. By leveraging the intellectual property and capabilities of our global partners, we are positioned to become a leading producer and provider of cannabinoid medicines in Australia.

We are initially targeting medicines for neuropathic and chronic pain. Our immediate focus is releasing a unique proprietary final dose form capsule which solves stability and dosing problems that exist with current oils and capsules on market.  Medicinal cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment in the relief from neuropathic and chronic pain and in Australia alone, this is a $9 billion opportunity. Additionally, medicinal cannabis has shown to be effective in relieving the symptoms of numerous other conditions including treatment resistant epilepsy, chemotherapy induced nausea and spasticity and spasms in multiple sclerosis patients.

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